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Akagera National Park

The only savannah national park in Rwanda and only place to go on a wildlife safari in Rwanda is Akagera National Park, which lies in the country’s easternmost province. The 2500 square kilometer Akagera region is made up of an acacia and bush-covered African savannah terrain with patches of open grassland and several marshy lakes, including Lake Ihema, Lake Shakani, and other smaller lakes.

Lake Ihema and several smaller lakes in and surrounding the park are fed by the Akagera River, which flows along Tanzania’s eastern border with Rwanda. It is the only area in Rwanda to observe the majority of large species, including elephants, buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, hyenas, lions, and leopards. Akagera safeguards an unique biodiversity. Other small mammals that may be found in Akagera include hippos, crocodiles, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, bush babies, impalas, topis, duikers, roan antelopes, oribis, and waterbucks.

The park provides a fantastic habitat for over 500 bird species, including the shoebill, papyrus gonolek, African Wattled Plover, Giant Kingfisher, Senegal Lapwings, Squacco Herons, African Open bill stock, Grey Crowned Crane, African Darter, Long-toed, Water Thick-knee, fish eagles, Cattle Egret, Hamerkop, Sacred and Hadada Ibis, Aug

Activities to do in Akagera National Park

Game drives

The only savannah national park in Rwanda where game watching safaris are offered is Akagera. Game drives in Akagera are conducted in open-roof 4X4 safari vehicles, which make it possible to see a variety of species including elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, zebras, and giraffes, among others. The ideal times to go on game drives in Akagera are early in the morning and late at night. If you’re a photographer, game drives also provide you a chance to explore the park’s stunning scenery and snap spectacular photos.


Akagera National Park is home to more than 525 bird species, including savannah birds, water birds, and raptors, making it a popular site for Rwanda birding safaris and a significant birding hotspot in Rwanda. The three habitats of the park—savannah, mountain, and swamp—are home to the birds of this area. During a birding safari in Rwanda, some of the birds seen in Akagera include the shoebill, papyrus gonolek, African Wattled Plover, Giant Kingfisher, Senegal Lapwings, Squacco Herons, African Open bill stock, Grey Crowned Crane, African Darter, Long-toed, Water Thick-

Boat safari

The second-largest lake in Rwanda, Lake Ihema, is located in the southern part of Akagera National Park and is the site of the thrilling boat safari provided there. When you go on a boat safari on the cold waters of Lake Ihema, which is fed by the 90-kilometer-long Akagera River, you get the chance to see various aquatic wildlife, including hippopotamuses and crocodiles. The shores of Lake Ihema are home to many bird species, including jacanas, herons, sandpipers, hawks, shoebills, plovers, papyrus Gonolek, and malachite kingfishers, among others, which are also seen during boat safaris in Akagera national park. Other animals, including elephants and antelopes, are frequently seen drinking along the lake’s edge.


In Lake Shakani in Akagera, sportfishing is a popular activity for tourists to enjoy together. The only lake in Rwanda where fishing safaris are available is Lake Shakani, which is located a few kilometers northeast of the park’s administrative center in the southern part of the park. Fish species including catfish and tilapia are captured during sport fishing in Akagera, thus those who want to participate in the activity must make a reservation in order to do so.

Akagera National Park
Fishing in Akagera National Park

Cultural tours

There are local communities around Akagera where cultural tours of Rwanda are available; these communities, which are mostly cattle-rearing settlements, may be visited to gain an understanding of the local way of life of the inhabitants. You will have the chance to take part in traditional activities like cow milking, traditional methods of preserving milk in calabashes, and the process of turning milk into various products like traditional yogurt and ghee during Rwanda cultural tours in the local communities in Akagera National Park.

How to get to Akagera national park

The entrance to the park may be reached after a 2-hour drive from Kigali, the country’s capital, through the town of Rwamagana. Akagera is a popular site for Rwanda safaris. The only access to Akagera National Park is through the southern gate, while the northern gate is now exclusively used as an exit.

Accommodations in the Akagera national park

Accommodations are available in a variety of safari lodges and tented camps in Akagera national park, with prices ranging from luxurious to affordable. Safari lodges and camps in Akagera include Mugashi lodge, Ruzizi Tented camp, Karenge Bushcamp, and Akagera game lodge.

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