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14 Days Best of Rwanda tour

During this 14 Days Best of Rwanda tour, experience the finest of Rwanda. The Rwanda safari package actively involves you in a variety of activities, such as tracking gorillas and chimpanzees, wildlife drives, boat excursions, visiting the Kigali genocide memorial site, and engaging in local culture. The national parks of Volcanoes, Nyungwe Forest, Akagera, Lake Kivu, and Kigali City are all included in the tour in Rwanda.

Day 1: Arrival in Kigali / City tour

When you arrive at Kigali Airport, a guide from our Rwanda tours and travel business will greet you and transport you to your hotel. You will also be taken on a tour of Kigali, where you will have the chance to explore memorials to the genocide and neighborhood markets while interacting with the friendly locals.

Day 2: Transfer to Akagera National Park

On the 2nd of your 14 Days Best of Rwanda tour, after breakfast, check out of the hotel and start the approximately 4-hour trip to Akagera National Park. You will encounter the breathtaking scenery and landscape that the “land of a thousand hills” has to offer along the route. You will have lunch at the resort after checking in. After that, you’ll take a canoe ride on Lake Ihema in the late afternoon, where you’ll see enormous hippos and crocodiles basking and elephants ambling along the lake’s edge. You will also see numerous bird types, including the shoebill stork. Later that evening, before going to the lodge.

Day 3: Akagera National Park game drive

14 Days Best of Rwanda tour
Akagera Game Drive

You will get up very early and go on a game drive where you will see a variety of wildlife, including elephants, antelopes like topis or elands, burchell zebras, buffaloes, giraffes owned by the Masai tribe, savannah birds, monkeys, leopards, civets, and hyenas, among others. before going back to the cabin for lunch. You will then leave for a guided nature stroll in the late afternoon to see the various bird species that Akagera has to offer. You will go on an evening wildlife drive later in the day where you can see predatory animals like lions, leopards, hyenas, civets, and many more that typically hunt at night.

Day 4: Akagera National Park and transfer to Kigali

During your early morning wildlife drive, you’ll have the chance to see a variety of animals as they graze. Before ascending Mount Mutumba, where you will enjoy a picnic meal while taking in panoramic views of the park, you will be transported to Kigali.

Day 5: Transfer to Nyungwe forest via Butare

On the 5th day of your 14 Days Best of Rwanda tour, It takes about two and a half hours to travel from Kigali to Butare in the morning. You’ll go to the state museum in Butare. The museum features a sizable collection of black-and-white images, traditional relics and objects, tools, and various handmade items. Theme-based groupings of ethnographic items provide in-depth insight into the everyday lives of the Rwandan people. After that, you will be driven to Nyungwe Forest, where you can settle into the lodge.

Day 6: Chimpanzee tracking at Nyungwe forest

The Nyungwe forest is home to the more than 500 chimpanzees that make up Rwanda’s community. You will enter the forest early in the morning for the chimpanzee tracking exercise. You will embark on the breath-taking Waterfall Trail, one of the park’s highlights, later in the afternoon. The path begins on the park’s Gisakura side and lasts for three to five hours. The path meanders through an ancient rain forest where the trees are covered in vines and the air is thick and muggy, winding up and down steep hillsides. The main attraction is a hidden waterfall where you can take a quick plunge.

Day 7: Nyungwe forest Nature walk

Early in the morning, a guided nature stroll is held in Nyungwe, the largest forest in East Africa. The stroll is well-known for showcasing Rwanda’s forest birds, but it also gives visitors the chance to see some of the 13 species of primates that are present, such as chimpanzees, Mona monkeys, Angolan Black Colobus, and Owl Faced Monkeys.

Day 8: Transfer from Nyungwe to Kibuye (Lake Kivu)

After a one and a half hour journey from Nyungwe Forest, you will spend the eighth day of your Rwanda safari at Bugarama Hot Springs. The area’s hot springs are sizable, and visitors are welcome to swim or take a plunge in the heated waters. You will travel to the Rusizi River later in the day for a boat excursion before continuing on to Kibuye, where you will spend the ninth day of your Rwanda tour.

Day 9: Kibuye – Gisenyi (Lake Kivu)

The ninth day of your Rwanda holiday will be spent relaxing and thinking back on the days that have already passed. You can rest from your hotel room or even spend the day at Lake Kivu’s shores, which will help you recoup from your exhaustion from the safari. You will travel to Gisenyi later in the day.

Day 10: Transfer from Gisenyi to Volcanoes National Park

Before taking a nature stroll along the shore, you’ll spend the morning lounging on the beach. Transferring to Rwanda’s primate and gorilla refuge at Volcanoes will then be the next step in the Rwanda Safari.

Day 11: Gorilla tracking

You’ll rise early to eat breakfast before traveling to the park’s administrative building for a regular lesson on gorilla tracking. You will also be given a chimpanzee family to follow. Your Rwanda gorilla tour begins as soon as you reach the forest along a gorilla trail; meeting the gorillas typically takes between 2 and 8 hours and is greatly influenced by the gorillas’ movement. You could go on a nature stroll at volcanoes national park later in the afternoon.

Day 12: Golden Monkey Tracking

On the 12th day of your 14 Days Best of Rwanda tour, you will have the opportunity to follow the golden monkeys, which are one of the many primates that are known to inhabit Parc National des Volcans. Later, you’ll go see Diane Fossey’s cemetery. (Diane Fossey was an American researcher who researched about the Gorillas). Later, a vehicle will take you to the Twin Lakes, also known as Lake Ruhondo and Lake Burera.

Day 13: Depart from Ruhondo for Kigali

We travel around the lakes in a car and stop at the Musangabo lookout. optional lakeside wildlife stroll. Then we take a car to Kigali. If inclined, you can go see the local pygmies while you’re here.

Day 14: Kigali exclusive

If you did not take a city tour of Kigali the first day before driving to the airport, you will take one at the conclusion of your trip.

End of  14 days best of Rwanda Tour.

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