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7 Days Chimpanzee Habituation and Birding Watching tour 

7 Days Chimpanzee Habituation and Birding Watching tour  : Make your holiday vacation one to remember by reserving a seven-day chimpanzee habituation experience and bird viewing tour in Uganda, one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. You will spend ample time with chimpanzees in Kibale forest national park, experience birdwatching, and explore the rewarding Semuliki national park.

Among the other activities on the schedule are game viewing, a city tour of Kampala, photography, and a guided nature walk. The bundle includes, among others, extremely comfortable lodging facilities, a knowledgeable driver, and incredible transportation. According to the itinerary, we will pick you up on the first day of the journey and drop you off in the final hours.


Day 1: Arrival and Kampala City tour

At the agreed-upon time and location, your driver-guide will greet you and brief you on the trip’s specifics, including country laws, planned activities, and answers to your questions. If time permits, you will then enjoy a delicious lunch, followed by a remarkable city tour of Kampala, Uganda’s oldest and most magnificent metropolis.

The museum, including the country’s cultural and historical artifacts, Ugandan monuments, and local markets are among the destinations to be visited.

Day 2: Drive to Kibale forest national park

At sunrise, a delicious breakfast is served, followed by a departure from the hotel for an extraordinary 6-7-hour journey to Kibale forest national park; Africa’s primate world, with over 13 rare primate species dominated by chimpanzees.

Your journey provides breathtaking views of the enchanting landscape, lush vegetation, and breathtaking scenery. Before arriving at the lodge late in the evening for supper and a nap, there will be a stop for a delectable lunch en route.

Day 3: Chimpanzee Habituation in Kibale forest national park

7 Days Chimpanzee Habituation and Birding Watching tour 
Chimpanzee Trekking

After a scrumptious breakfast at the lodge, you will depart for the park headquarters for a pre-trekking briefing that begins at 8 am and lasts approximately 30 minutes before entering the jungle.

The pursuit of your closest relatives, the chimpanzees, is thrilling and the four-hour habituation period is unforgettable, depending on your trekking pace and the direction these creatures have taken. Habituation affords the opportunity to develop an intimate relationship with the chimpanzees, their noises, their characteristics, and their appearance. Chimpanzees are our closest forebears, sharing over 98% of our DNA and exhibiting human-like characteristics.

Day 4: Full day birding in Kibale forest national park and Bigodi swamp

After a restful siesta, you will select a packed lunch and depart for a full day of birding in the Lush Jungle of Kibale forest national park. On the tree branches, in the sky, and in the nest, the pleasant melodies and vibrant colors of numerous bird species emerge, and the eyes are compelled to capture every detail of the bird parading in view.

Here, over 350 bird species have been identified, including, among others, the blue-headed bee-eater, masked Apalis, Cassin’s spine tail, and Nathan’s francolin. After approximately 4-5 hours of birding, you will enjoy a satisfying lunch break, and the remainder of the day will be spent seeking for birds in Bigodi swamp, which is home to more than 50 species of birds. This day concludes with dinner and an overnight stay at the lodge.

Day 5: Transfer to Semuliki national park- Sempaya hot springs and Game drive

After a delectable breakfast, you will depart the lodge for one of Uganda’s finest destinations, which is home to numerous bird species, mammal species, and geographical features, among others. From Kibale to Semuliki national park, you will be greeted by a captivating landscape, verdant vegetation, and more on your way to the park.

There, you will enjoy a delicious supper, followed by a wonderful evening at the Sempaya hot springs, where the Ruwenzori Turaco and many other bird species make their home. You will then go on a nocturnal game drive for approximately two to three hours before returning to the lodge for dinner and a nap.

Day 6: Birding expedition

After a delicious breakfast, you will join your expert driver-guide for a 4-5 hour birding excursion in the park’s designated birdwatching areas. Semuliki national park is one of Uganda’s birding paradises because it is home to 40 percent of Uganda’s uncommon bird species.

White-crested Hornbill, yellow-throated cuckoo, red-billed Dwarf Hornbill, and Black-Casqued Wattle Hornbill are among the 46 Guinea-Congo biome species. After the search, lunch will be served at the lodge, followed by an optional evening game drive.  This day will conclude with supper and a nap at the lodge.

Day 7: Departure

After experiencing awe-inspiring moments in the various destinations of western Uganda, you will check out of the lodge and embark on a 6-7 hour drive to Kampala or Entebbe for your departure, with a stop at the equator for lunch and photography.

End of 7 Days Chimpanzee Habituation and Birding Watching tour 

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